Never Forget Kyle Korver Scoring 11 Points In a Minute

Man, those 60-win Hawks sure were something, weren't they?

That team and the 19-game winning streak is the most fun I've ever had watching NBA basketball. I was at the 18th win of the streak against the Trail Blazers and I've never experienced an NBA atmosphere — including playoff games — like that one. Everybody on that team played what was pretty obviously the best season of their careers, including the most underrated sharpshooter in NBA history, Kyle Korver.

Korver shot 48.7 percent from the field, 49.2 percent from three and 89.2 percent from the line, just barely missing becoming the second player in NBA history — alongside Steve Kerr — to do that over a full season. But those numbers were good enough to provide plenty of electric moments, maybe most notably scoring 11 points in a minute against Milwaukee. I remember watching that game live and losing it when he hit that fourth one.

And I absolutely love Dominique Wilkins's call of, "Let's get it," as Korver was releasing the last shot. There was no doubt in anybody's mind that ball was going in.

This man was an absolute assassin. If you gave him even a sliver of space, he was going to drain the shot. No player in NBA history has ever shot 49 percent from three on as many attempts as Korver had that season. He was lights out.

Trae Young is as exciting as they come, but Philips ... er, State Farm ... Arena will never be as loud as it was that season. Shoutout to Korver, Demarre Carroll, Jeff Teague, Paul Millsap and Al Horford. Those were the days.