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NY Police Shirt On Sale To Benefit Families of Fallen Police Officers


So unless you were living in a cave you heard the tragic news of 2 NY city policeman who were slain by some lunatic/convicted felon over the weekend claiming it was retaliation for Ferguson and Michael Brown. KFC put a shirt on sale to support the families of both fallen officers just like we did with the firefighters in Boston. We’ve raised over 30K so far and obviously we’d like to help surpass the 70K we raised last time around. It’s times like these that the Stool is great and it doesn’t matter what part of the country you live in or what city you’re from we’re all the same and need to pitch in and help.

Also as a sidenote I feel like I’m seeing all sorts of weird takes on this on social media. People being like “where are all the Eric Garner/Ferguson supporters now?” Somehow making it seem like if you thought the Eric Garner thing was wrong than you couldn’t think this was wrong. Listen the guy who did this was a convicted felon and clearly a lunatic. My guess is if he didn’t kill cops the other day for this bullshit reason he would have eventually murdered somebody else down the road. This was just convenient excuse for a madman. He was a ticking timebomb. I don’t care what side of the fence you land on with Ferguson or Eric Garner nobody on earth thinks this is normal or right.

However having said all that these protesters holding signs like “Abolish The Police” and “Cops are Murderers” need to think long and hard about what they are doing.


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Again this is America. I’m all for peaceful protesting. There are legit reasons to raise questions or issues about Ferguson and Eric Garner. You don’t want to just slam the door and say nobody can talk about it. I think rational people can argue both sides of the fence. But here is what rational people can’t argue. Policemen serve this country. They risk their lives every day protecting normal citizens. They were there for 9/11 in New York. They were there for the Marathon bombings. They are there every single day. This country needs our men in blue. Sensationalizing individual cases and saying all cops are pigs and can’t be trusted is setting a very dangerous precedent. I’m not saying I think you can directly blame what this maniac did directly on the protesters, but there is some blood on their hands.  Making the police seem like they are the devil is putting their lives in danger and really accomplishing nothing else in the process except creating hate that makes it harder for them to do their jobs and potentially creating more explosive situations for everybody.