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A Surfer In Costa Rica Got Shot At By Police And Arrested For Trying To Shred Some Gnar In The Middle Of Quarantine

Okay so to be perfectly honest....mayyyybe a bit of an overreaction here, no? Not exactly sure if we need a Contagion + Point Break crossover here. On the bright side for Noe Mar McGonagle, the man has some serious breakout speed to outrun the cops while carrying his board. Luckily he's not a longboarder or else he'd be toast. But fortunately enough, he rips it on the shore just as hard as he rips it in the water. 

I'm gonna go ahead and say that if you live some place where surfing isn't allowed at the moment, you should probably just stay out of the water for the time being. I mean surfing by yourself in open, moving water is definitely more beneficial to flattening the curve than most other outdoor activities right now, but it's probably not better than getting shot at by police. Still doesn't change the fact that this is a kick ass story to have for later in life when you pretty much become the most wanted man in Costa Rica just for dropping in on some tasty waves. Living in some truly wild times here, boys and girls. COVID-19 is a total kook.