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Tom Brady Live-Posted His Reactions to the Replay of the 28-3 Comeback and I'm an Emotional Wreck

Sunday afternoon, Fox did what any network tasked with keeping the eyes of a nation of shut ins glued to their sets: Found an excuse to show old programming. In this case, they did what many of us did this weekend, observed the High Holy Day of 3-28.

As you'd expect, Twitter was lousy with bored, cabin feverish Patriots fans live-Tweeting the thing. What we had no reason to expect was the quarterback of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers going to his 'Gram Stories to do likewise.

Hey what the hey? What the actual eff is this? Of course I can see where this was a career highlight for him and something he'll be watching in virtual reality holograph form when he and Gisele are sitting around in their low Earth orbit satellite condo and he's the most pliable 175 year old that ever lived. But now? At a time like this? The last thing any of us needs is the GOAT waxing nostalgic about the team he just left. For Tampa, of all goddamned places. But he was at it all afternoon. 

Good god, man! Do you have any idea how this affects people? Not just me, but the guys you won that Super Bowl with who are still on the team? Dont'a Hightower and Matthew Slater and James White, just to name the ones you posted about? What are they supposed to think when they're getting ready to follow Jarrett Stidham into battle to win Banner No. 7 and you're feeling all the feelings about your past together? When you left them in favor of a franchise that can only celebrate that one ring in 2002 and the times when Warren Sapp didn't get arrested for slapping prostitutes around? 

Intentional or not, this is the definition of bread crumbing. Giving Pats fans just enough to keep us remembering the good times we shared to distract from the fact we were dumped and dumped hard two weeks ago. The IG equivalent of sending texts with pictures of the time we were on the pier while the sun was setting or us dressed shapr at a cousin's wedding or on the beach in Bermuda. Then we hear nothing for weeks. It's crueler than just making a clean break. We can be friends again later. But right now, it's too soon to be reminiscing about the days when life was perfect and we were happy together.