Wake Up With Prince Fielder And The Brewers Performing The Most Savage Walkoff Celebration Ever

I miss Prince Fielder so much. Prob one of my favorite players to ever play, such a fun guy to watch. You know he was a thicc daddy, but he was pretty athletic for his size. You know about all the bombs he could hit, but he was just as good with the glove too. This clip was from one of his early years with the Brewers, hits a walkoff homer to right. As soon as Prince gets to first he turns around and motions to his teammates at home plate to do something. He chugs his way home, jumps and as soon as he touches home. BOOM. The bomb goes off. Everyone falls, and Prince is standing there with his hands raised. Classic middle school celebration there from Prince and the Brew Crew. I loved it. A pure alpha move by Prince the his teammates. Could you imagine if Brian McCann was on the other team when this happened? I'm sure he hit up the opposing manager and ordered that they be thrown at the next game. 

It's a shame Prince's career ended how it did because for a while he was the model of consistency for a baseball player. Played in every game, and did so at a high level. 6 time All Star, MVP conversation almost every year, but when the injuries hit, they hit hard. I wish he was still in the game hitting bombs like he used to.