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A-Rod Says His Goal Was To Take Ryan Dempster's Head Off Rather Than Blast A Homer After Being Thrown At Back In 2013

It took a nationwide quarantine to get A-Rod to talk candidly about the Ryan Dempster game and he didn't disappoint. As you probably recall back in 2013 noted asshole Ryan Dempster decided to use Rodriguez as his own punching bag in the middle of a baseball game. It was pretty fucked. Throw at him once, sure we get the intention there, but you only get one pal. There's no excuse for being a shitty pitcher and missing a giant human body on the first attempt. The fucker needed two and drilled A-Rod in the shoulder on a 3-0 pitch. Girardi came out and lost his goddamn mind at Dempster not getting tossed and the Yankees being warned despite doing absolutely nothing. It was one of Joe's best freak outs. 

A-Rod came up again in the 6th and launched a towering blast, erupting as he rounded first base in some true poetic justice. Today he told Pete Alonso that his goal was to pretty much take Dempster's head off with that swing. 


Imagine hitting a ball over 400 feet to dead center on a goddamn rope and being furious that the ball didn't drill the pitcher in the head? Fucking A-Rod man. How can you not love him? I still don't know if I've ever seen a ball hit that hard since. Exit velo 200+mph and you cannot convince me otherwise. I miss when these players actually hated each other. That's the real shame in baseball being cancelled this year. We would have gotten this kind of tension with Houston. Fireworks galore. All for next year most likely. 

Oh and FUCK Ryan Dempster.