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Vegas Street Dancer Accidentally Pissed On Some Guy Who For Some Reason Thought The Outcome Would Be Any Different


Ah, don’t you fucking hate when you accidentally pee on someone? You’re just trying to do your job, trying to keep the lights on and the AC running, and next thing you know is you’re pissing all over the place. Such a bummer, kinda ruins the mood too. However, if you think for a second it’s her fault, you’re a moron of the highest proportions. 150% the shirtless guy laying down had it coming. Hey dude, it’s not very hard to figure out- if you didn’t want to be peed on by the weird lady dancing in the street in Vegas, you wouldn’t have laid down directly under her pee hole. You’re just asking to be R Kelly’d straight to the moon when you do that. What is he thinking, that THIS will end well for him?

Screen Shot 2014-06-02 at 3.16.46 PM


And how about him freaking out and running away like it’s the first time that’s ever happened to him? Yea, sure, this was the first time he paid a chick to pee on him. For sure not. Almost looked too natural, like he was waiting for the water show to start. Why even go to the Bellagio when you can lay under a tranny instead?