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QUIZ: Can We Guess Your Home State, Based Only On Your Slang?

For a country as large as the United States, its no real shock that it's filled with many dialects, but it never fails to surprise me when I hear a completely foreign term for any common object. My grandpa lived 30 minutes south of me, yet he somehow had hundreds of terms for "those Greeks" that I have never heard anywhere else. 

After months of research, I've been able to narrow down a list of the most unique of geographical slang, and am confident that after only 10 questions, this quiz will pinpoint your home state. 

All you need is a pen and paper to score your answers, and the scoresheet below to see if the quiz did it's job.

  1. What do you call the metal cart you put groceries in?
    1. Grocery Cart (1pt)
    2. Buggie (2pts)
    3. Push Cart (3pts)
  2. What do you call a winter hat?
    1. hat (1pt)
    2. toboggan (2pts)
    3. beanie (3pts)
  3. How do you say "you all"
    1. you all (1pt)
    2. yinz (2pts)
    3. ya'll (3pts)
  4. What do you call a water fountain?
    1. fountain (1pt)
    2. bubbler (2pts)
    3. faucet (3pts)
  5. What do you wear over your socks?
    1. Tennis Shoes (1pt)
    2. Sneakers (2pts)
    3. Trainers (3pts)
  6. What do you call a carbonated beverage?
    1. soda (1pt)
    2. pop (2pts)
    3. cola (3pts)
  7. What do you call the female partner of a married man?
    1. wife (1pt)
    2. wives (Utah)
    3. bride (3pts)
  8. What do you call a tooth doctor?
    1. dentist (1pt)
    2. d.d.s. (2pts)
    3. a what? (West Virginia)
  9. What do you get when you complete high school?
    1. diploma (1pt)
    2. certificate (2pts)
    3. complete? (also West Virginia)
  10. What do you call the state you were born in?
    1. Alabama (100pts)
    2. Alaska (150pts)
    3. Arizona (200pts)
    4. Arkansas (250pts)
    5. California (300pts)
    6. Colorado (350pts)
    7. Connecticut (400pts)
    8. Delaware (450pts)
    9. Florida (500pts)
    10. Georgia (550pts)
    11. Hawaii (600pts)
    12. Idaho (650pts)
    13. Illinois (700pts)
    14. Indiana (750pts)
    15. Iowa (800pts)
    16. Kansas (850pts)
    17. Kentucky (900pts)
    18. Louisiana (950pts)
    19. Maine (1000pts)
    20. Maryland (1050pts)
    21. Massachusetts (1100pts)
    22. Michigan (1150pts)
    23. Minnesota (1200pts)
    24. Mississippi (1250pts)
    25. Missouri (1300pts)
    26. Montana (1350pts)
    27. Nebraska (1400pts)
    28. Nevada (1450pts)
    29. New Hampshire (1500pts)
    30. New Jersey (1550pts)
    31. New Mexico (1600pts)
    32. New York (1650pts)
    33. North Carolina (1700pts)
    34. North Dakota (1750pts)
    35. Ohio (1800pts)
    36. Oklahoma (1850pts)
    37. Oregon (1900pts)
    38. Pennsylvania (1950pts)
    39. Rhode Island (2000pts)
    40. South Carolina (2050pts)
    41. South Dakota (2100pts)
    42. Tennessee (2150pts)
    43. Texas (2200pts)
    44. Utah (2250pts)
    45. Vermont (2300pts)
    46. Virginia (2350pts)
    47. Washington (2400pts)
    48. West Virginia (2450pts)
    49. Wisconsin (2500pts)
    50. Wyoming (2550pts)