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My Top 50 Movies Of Last 15 Years And Where To Stream Them

How is the quarantine going for everyone?

Out of things to watch (or read if you're smart and do the reading thing)?

Well, since I frequently get asked to release my master list of movie rankings, I figured I'd dish out my Top 50 and include where you can stream or rent them. I've been rating movies since 2006 and have a ranking of over 2,450 movies rated on a scale of 0-100 and these 50 are the best in my eyes.

DISCLAIMER: It's movies, the most subjective thing out there (minus music), so you may not share the same movie opinion as me, and that's fine. But I hope this list can be of use and please drop literally any other movie/streaming combo in the comment section below.

Unfortunately, not all of these movies can be streamed on a platform, but they can all be rented somewhere. Maybe the benefit of all of these streaming platforms coming out (HBO Max, Peacock, etc.) is that every movie will eventually be on a site where you share a password with people. Anything that can be rented can be found on YouTube (my favorite rental spot), Amazon, Apple, and all sites alike. Let's get to it...

1) Blade Runner 2049 (100/100) - IMDb TV (free with ads), Rent: The question I get the most with 'Bade Runner 2049' is whether or not you need to see the original first. Personally, I don't think it is required, but it might help to at least know a few of the characters by scanning the Wikipedia page. This movie is a stunning epic from Denis Villeneuve (who is about to crush the 'Dune' re-make) and quite possibly the most incredible looking movie I have ever seen.

I am personally not a huge fan of the original movie, but the sequel is a perfect movie in my eyes and well-worth dropping money on to rent or purchase.

2) The Departed (99/100) - CBS, Rent: I'd have a hard time picking between this and 'Goodfellas' in terms of my top Scorsese movie, but that's a debate for a different time. Another epic, if you haven't seen 'The Departed' at this point, then what are you even doing!? I think it's also not that big of a stretch to say that this is one of the funniest movies on my list. This was recently pulled from Netflix but you can stream it with a CBS subscription (one month free right now) or rent it.

3) Mad Max: Fury Road (99/100) - Rent: The notion that 'Mad Max: Fury Road' is just one long car chase has always bothered me. There is a lot of depth to the story and it's so much more than just the insane action it is known for. With that said, the action is likely what already makes this such an iconic movie. 'Fury Road' is incredible to look at and is a wild adrenaline rush that you should definitely experience. You can't stream it anywhere, but I'd suggest giving this a rent and tossing it up on the biggest screen you own.

4) Whiplash (98/100) - Rent: The list of movies only available for rent continues with 'Whiplash', another absurdly intense movie, albeit for different reasons. Come for the insane drumming and stay for J.K. Simmons' bananas performance as the movie's antagonist. Just remember that he (friend of Barstool podcasts) is a fantastically nice man in real life.

5) Birdman (98/100) - Rent: What a fucking awesome movie, man. I am a sucker for a great one-shot and continuous take and that's essentially this entire movie. Director Alejandro G. Iñárritu (also did 'The Revenant') made this artsy ass movie that is just flat out cool in my opinion. You can only rent it right now, but why would you not want to pay to see one of Michael Keaton's best roles?

6) The Big Short (98/100) - Pluto TV (free with ads), Rent: Who would have thought that one of the decade's most rewatchable movies for me would be about the late 2000s financial crisis. Adam McKay (who has done everything from 'Anchorman' to 'The Other Guys', 'Step Brothers' and more) spun near-perfection with this one and the perfect castings are a big reason why. It also features what may be my favorite scene from any movie from the last decade...

Ryan Gosling's comedic timing is so underrated.

7) Inglourious Basterds (98/100) - Netflix: Holy shit, a movie actually on Netflix! 'Inglourious Basterds' is everything you want from a Tarantino movie, great acting, witty dialogue, crazy action, and ridiculous twists and turns. It's aged like a fine wine and that fucking scene with the strudel makes me hungry every single time I watch it. (I even made it once)

Shoutout to Brad Pitt in three out of the Top 10 movies on my list.

8) No Country For Old Men (97/100) - Starz, Rent: Featuring the most terrifying villain in this Top 10, 'No Country For Old Men' is actually available to stream on Starz, a service that I think more people have access to than they realize. As thrilling and suspenseful as any movie you'll find from the last 20-plus years, the Coen Brothers were more than deserving of the Best Picture win for this movie.

9) Once Upon a Time in Hollywood (97/100) - Starz, Rent: Quentin Tarantino's love letter to Hollywood might be one of my favorite movies that he has released. Where some may take issue with the structure, I find that to be the best part of the movie. The slowly built up tension and weaving together of stories of the washed-up yet satisfied Cliff Booth (Brad Pitt), chaotic down-on-his-luck Rick Dalton (Leo DiCaprio) and young hope-filled Sharon Tate (Margot Robbie) were perfect. (FULL REVIEW) It also literally got added to Starz as I was writing this blog.

10) Parasite (97/100) - Rent: If you don't want to wait for it to drop on Hulu, definitely, without question, spend money to rent 'Parasite', but just know Hulu will be adding it to its library very soon. Bong Joon-Ho is a fucking wizard and he made pure magic with 'Parasite' a movie that is a mix of every genre under the sun and will keep you guessing from start to finish. You will forget you're watching a movie with subtitles within the first few minutes you put it on. (FULL REVIEW)

11) Slumdog Millionaire (97/100) - Cinemax, Rent: Cinemax is another movie platform that feels like a service more people have access too than they realize, but I am less confident with this one. Regardless, 'Slumdog Millionaire' is available in a few spots and I am an absolute sucker for this movie. The music is fantastic and it is just an awesome story to watch unfold on-screen (and features some killer 'Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?' moments).

12) La La Land (97/100) - Rent: My only movie bold take: if you don't like 'La La Land', then fuck you.

13) Spotlight (97/100) - Showtime, IMDb TV, Rent: As good as you can get when it comes to a journalism movie. The subject matter is very heavy but it's a damn good movie and another one in the resurrection of Michael Keaton's career, also known as the Keatonaissance. There are plenty of places to watch this one and, quite simply, it's just a damn good movie.

14) The Dark Knight (97/100) - Netflix: Do I really need to say anything? It's 'The Dark Knight', the greatest comic book movie of all time. You can find it on Netflix and we will watch it live with Marty Mush, Feits and Kayce this upcoming Thursday (April 2nd) on our YouTube page.

15) Superbad (97/100) - VUDU Free, Rent: The greatest comedy of all time in my eyes, it's sort of a crime that 'Superbad' isn't on a traditional streaming platform. That's sort of fucked up in my mind. These classics need to be on more streaming platforms. With 'Superbad', there isn't much to say, everyone knows it's hilarious. It managed to stand the test of time and is generation-proof in my eyes. The late-2000s comedy will always be the peak of comedy.

16) Inception (96/100) - Netflix: The second Christopher Nolan movie on the list and conceptual masterpiece, 'Inception' is everything great with movies. While the visual aspect of 'Inception' and its creative storytelling gives the movie its popularity, the way in which Nolan and Hans Zimmer slowed down one song throughout the movie is absolutely its coolest part.

I can only help we still get a chance to see his next time-bending movie 'TENET' in 2020.

17) Argo (96/100) - Rent: Is it just me or does 'Argo' not get nearly enough love? The crazy, white-knuckle story never gets old and the supporting roles from Alan Arkin and John Goodman supply a perfect balance of comedic relief. It's not that people think 'Argo' is a bad movie, it's just one of those cases where something really great gets a little lost in the shuffle. Unfortunately, this is only for rent at the current point in time.

18) Her (96/100) - Rent: This is a movie I get a lot of hate over for loving as much as I do, which I totally get, it's a fucking weird-ass movie. But being the massive Joaquin Phoenix fan that I am, I can't help but love 'Her'. It seems rather simple, but it has a unique and complex view on the future of our world and technology. 'Her' has so much to say with its story and has a dazzlingly minimalistic style. A bonus with this movie, as you can see, is that you can stream it now on Netflix.

19) Eighth Grade (96/100) - Amazon Prime Video: Do you want to feel absurdly uncomfortable while watching a movie in quarantine? If so, here is your pick. Bo Burnham's awkward, cringe-worthy take on the life of a middle schooler was so fucking good. I enjoyed 'Eighth Grade' in the sense that I was uncomfortable yet blown away someone could perfectly translate that part of our lives onto the screen. This will not be a movie for everyone, but it is on Amazon Prime Video if you want to give it a try.

20) Mission: Impossible - Fallout (96/100) - Amazon Prime Video, Hulu: The best-looking action movie I have ever seen, if you know me, you know I am obsessed with 'Mission: Impossible - Fallout'. Christopher McQuarrie knows how to film action scenes better than almost everyone in Hollywood. It's packed with insane action and a handful of fantastic characters and is easy to access on both Amazon Prime Video and Hulu.

21) Frost/Nixon (96/100) - Starz, Rent: A damn good political thriller, the fascinating story, and hilarious cast chemistry is likely the result of Ron Howard's best work (outside of 'Arrested Development'). Also, if you're a fan of 'Succession' the movie stars Michael Mcfadayen who plays Tom in the hit HBO show, but you may not recognize him right off the bat in this one. 'Frost/Nixon' can be found on Starz and, if not there, is very much worth a rent.

22) Hell or High Water (96/100) - Netflix: This Taylor Sheridan neo-western features one of the most fucking insane third acts you'll find in any movie. Overall, his entire library of movies is fantastic, even the 'Sicario' follow-up that I didn't care for all that much. This West Texas thriller is my favorite work of Sheridan, who rides a horse around his sets, and should be your streaming choice on Netflix as soon as possible if you haven't seen it.

23) There Will Be Blood (96/100) - Netflix: Daniel Day Lewis. Netflix. Need I say more?

No, no I do not.

24) Dunkirk (96/100) - Rent: Similar to 2019's '1917' in a handful of ways, Christopher Nolan's World War II movie still fascinates me. Nolan's love of time was woven into a war story with 'Dunkirk' and done in a way that absolutely blew my mind. It might not be his most "sexy" mainstream release, but it is one of his most impressive creations. This is, sadly, a movie you can only currently get as a rental.

25) Moneyball (96/100) - Starz, Rent: This nerdy as hell sports movie is one of the genre's best in my eyes and, shocker, another Brad Pitt movie in my Top 50. You give me Aaron Sorkin and I am going to eat that shit up every single time. You give me Aaron Sorkin and a sports movie? I mean, that's a sure-fire hit in my eyes without question. Get your sports fix now with 'Moneyball' by renting it or streaming on Starz if you have the service.

26) Lady Bird (96/100) - Amazon Prime Video: Starring my favorite actress Saoirse Ronan, 'Lady Bird' is another movie on this list that does a perfect job at capturing what it is like to be a teenager, this time in the process of experiencing high school. Greta Gerwig flexed her directing chops with this movie and Ronan, as always, crushed her role. Come for the coming-of-age accuracy and stay for "Crash into Me" by Dave Matthews Band (which can be found on Amazon Prime Video).

27) The Social Network (96/100) - Starz, IMDb TV, CBS, Rent: First off, Jesse Eisenberg is essentially our best friend over at Lights Camera Pod at this point, but I want to note that there is no bias involved with this pick. The Sorkin effect comes back into play with 'The Social Network' as well as my favorite recurring director-composer combo in David Fincher and Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross. The "Facebook Movie" can be found on multiple platforms and always gets a few yearly re-watches from me.

28) Zero Dark Thirty (96/100) - Rent: Another movie that came out the same year as 'Argo' and another movie that I feel as though is a bit overlooked. Jessica Chastain, with the exception of the bad 'X-Men: Dark Phoenix' movie, never turns in a bad performance and 'Zero Dark Thirty' might be her best. I always say that if a true story can get you to the edge of your seat, it must be pretty fucking solid. It's been a while since I watched this movie and tonight might be the night I rent it again.

29) Uncut Gems (96/100) - Rent: The latest 2019 to hit the Top 50 can actually be streamed on some Netflix accounts across the world, but hasn't seen a full release yet. I just flat out love looking at this movie…

I've never loved a movie so much but at the same time totally understood why some people hated it. 'Uncut Gems' is, intentionally, an anxiety-inducing, chaotic experience. But that is partially why I love it so much, the movie is a unique and memorable experience. I want to feel things when I see a movie and 'Uncut Gems' does just that. It's a wild ride and the Safdie Brothers never really allow you to feel comfortable at any turn of the story. BONUS PICK: Their other movie 'Good Time' might be even crazier and features proof that Robert Pattinson is a fantastic actor.

30) The Big Sick (96/100) - Amazon Prime Video: Not a pure comedy, but 'The Big Sick' features one of the funniest spit-out-your-drink moments of the last 15 years…

I saw this movie twice in theaters I loved it so much. They found a perfect balance with both the (based on a true story) drama and hilarious comedy. The follow-up to this movie from director Michael Showalter (also of 'The State' and 'Wet Hot American Summer' fam) titled 'The Lovebirds' and starring Kumail Nanjiani and Issa Rae was delayed due to COVID-19 and will soon hit Netflix. This movie, however, can be found on Amazon Prime Video.

31) Casino Royale (96/100) - HBO Go, Rent: The best James Bond actor and best James Bond movie in my opinion, sorry if this offends (I'd have a hard time arguing against picking against (Sean Connery). While only every-other movie in the Craig 007 run has been good, the best of the best has been fantastic. A binge-watch of this and 'Skyfall' is a great quarantine activity and you can do so through the rental process or heading over to HBO Go.

32) Up In The Air (96/100) - Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, Rent: Okay, honestly, this might not be the best movie to watch if you're feeling lonely in quarantine, but it is one of my favorites and a really great movie. The odd-couple chemistry between George Clooney and Anna Kendrick is off the charts and it has a weirdly affective way of romanticizing traveling and flying. I would suggest heading over to Hulu or Amazon Prime Video for this one maybe after we are allowed to go outside again.

33) The Wrestler (96/100) - HBO Go, Rent: 'The Wrestler' is one of the older movies (relatively speaking) on this list but is quietly one of the best, and grittiest, sports movies ever made. It's Mickey Rourke's career-role and features the timeless Marissa Tomei, what more can you ask for than that right there!? A fair warning to all watching for the first time, though, you might shed a tear or two with this one when you find it on HBO Go.

34) Toy Story 3 (96/100) - Disney+, Starz: Speaking of crying, say hello to Disney+'s debut on this list! The original end to the talking-toys franchise, 'Toy Story 3' is still considered by some to be Pixar's best work. With his role as the Ken doll, I once again pose the question of "how can you go wrong with Michael Keaton?"

35) The Death of Stalin (95/100) - Showtime, Rent: This movie is so fucking hilarious and will be a pleasant surprise for anyone who watches it for the first time. It's dark as hell but will have you with tears in your eyes throughout. From Armando Iannucci, the creator of 'VEEP', the choice to have all of the actors keep their natural-born accents added so much to the movie's charm and humor. If you need a good laugh, head over to Showtime or give this movie a rent, it's a must-watch for me.

36) BlacKkKlansman (95/100) - Cinemax, Rent: Spike Lee's best movie in my opinion, the intense story is enough to pull you in but the electric duo of John David Washington and Adam Driver carries this movie to greatness. The subject matter is incredibly heavy but sometimes it's great to embark on a journey that will teach you some things and say something profound. Unless you have Cinemax, you'll have to pony up and rent this one.

37) Gone Girl (95/100) - Rent: Another movie that might fall into the "don't watch during quarantine" category, 'Gone Girl' features that great director-composer combination I mentioned earlier with David Fincher and Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross. A good ending that will fuck with you and leave you wanting more (or angry) is always going to get me going and 'Gone Girl' does just that. It's a fantastic experience only available for rent currently.

38) The Martian (95/100) - FX Now, Rent: 'The Martian' is a movie that caught some of those annoying "the book was better" ricochet shots when it came out. Honestly, maybe the book is better, but, I don't care because the movie is also great. It's easily one of Matt Damon's best roles, has some hilarious and heartfelt moments and is, apparently, very scientifically accurate? Who knew! (scientists knew) It's also on FX Now, which, according to my half-assed research, should be a platform most everyone can access.

39) Get Out (95/100) - FX Now, Rent: Jordan Peele ushered in a new era for thriller movies with 'Get Out' and it's a release that probably should have won Best Picture in hindsight based on its impact alone. By complete coincidence, this is another movie you can either rent or find on FX Now. I re-watched 'Get Out' recently and it still holds up, even when knowing ahead of time about the movie's big twists.

40) Moonlight (95/100) - Netflix: Probably most famous for the Oscars mishap with 'La La Land', 'Moonlight' is one of the most emotional movies I have ever seen and, despite limited screentime, Mahershala Ali puts on a tour de force of acting in the movie. Barry Jenkins ('If Beale Street Could Talk') is a brilliant filmmaker and his movies have become appointment viewings at this point.

41) 21 Jump Street (95/100) - USA Network, Rent: Another pure comedy movie that will forever stand the test of time, I am calling for you to just outright buy '21 Jump Street'…

Hell, even the sequel, '22 Jump Street' is outstanding. There are so many hilarious in your face moments a ton of subtle, knee-slappers mixed in as well. It's time to just call this movie a comedy classic at this point, right? You can also rent it or stream it on the USA Network app or site (which means it will likely be on NBC's streaming platform Peacock in a few months).

42) Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse (95/100) - Netflix: While I may be a Marvel Cinematic Universe "shill" (I kid), it isn't the Avengers but this movie that holds the spot as the best Marvel property movie in my opinion. It's an awesome story, packed with breathtaking visuals and is the best attempt at having a comic book play out like actual comic panels on screen. This scene is an all-timer…

If you have not seen this movie, run to your Netflix account and put it on immediately.

43) The Nice Guys (95/100) - Cinemax, Rent: No movie on this list of Top 50 movies needs a sequel more than 'The Nice Guys' needs one. The duo of Gosling and Russell Crowe is beyond incredible in this movie. They should use their chemistry to teach people at acting schools across the world. I'll say it again, Ryan Gosling's timing is severely underrated and he should be offered more roles that have him delivering comedic lines. The movie is a great, hilarious action-comedy and can be found as a rental or on Cinemax.

44) Nightcrawler (95/100) - IMBd TV, Rent: Jake Gyllenhaal in 'Nightcrawler' is severely underappreciated and it's a crime that he wasn't nominated for Best Actor with this movie. You won't find a creepier performance for a character that you are almost tricked into rooting for at times. It's a twisted movie with some dark and eerie turns that will have you gripping your seat. It's free with ads on IMDb TV but is worth a rent if you have never been able to check it out. 'Nightcrawler' gets a fair share of respect, but I would label it a diamond in the rough status when it comes to popularity.

45) Knives Out (95/100) - Rent: The next 2019 movie to hit the list, Rian Johnson turned te "Whodunnit?" genre on its head with 'Knives Out' and it is even getting a sequel! When it comes to the "top movies of 2019," 'Knives Out' might be the most universally loved. It's interesting, engaging, and absolutely hilarious. You can only rent it right now, but I promise you'll love it so much that you might go back for a second helping before the rental period expires.

46) Wind River (95/100) - Rent: Taylor Sheridan returns to this list with a movie that has continued to gain a huge fan following. It's tough to top 'Wind River' when it comes to tension and it has finally recently gotten to the proper love it deserves. To avoid spoiling the movie for people who haven't seen it (you can go rent it right now) I won't post the "flanking shootout" scene, but if you know… you know.

47) Django Unchained (95/100) - Rent: I believe this movie just left Netflix, which sucks, but I also know that this is a lot of people's favorite Tarantino movie. Somehow Leonardo DiCaprio wasn't even nominated for his dynamite supporting role in this movie, but he teamed up with Jamie Foxx and Christoph Waltz for one hell of an explosive time. You can rent it now, but this is another movie that I would just flat out buy to keep forever.

48) Up (95/100) - Disney+, Starz: If you need a good cry, here you go! In all seriousness, 'Up' is one of Pixar's best movies and the imagination and wonder in the story still grab me each and every time. You also have to give it up for the old man character, Baloon Jerry. You can find him, Russel and the dog on Disney+ or Starz.

49) Midnight In Paris (95/100) - Showtime, Rent: Woody Allen aside, 'Midnight In Paris' is a fantastic movie and I am not going to pretend it isn't just because of the shittiness of the person involved with making it. There is a ton of charm with this movie and it is very much Owen Wilson's career-best performance in my eyes. It sparks imagination and a sense of wonder that makes it stand out for me. It was on more platforms recently, but you can currently find it on Showtime or as a rental.

50) Inside Out (95/100) - Disney+: Uh, do you need another cry again? 'Inside Out' is another example of Pixar at the top of its game in terms of creative (I would also like to suggest 'Coco' as well). It's a gorgeous movie to look and takes you on a journey that the animation studio has become so damn good at doing over the years. 'Inside Out' is obviously right there on Disney+, and if you want to smile and wipe away the tears you can just put some Baby Yoda on right after watching it.

My hand hurts from typing. I hope this list helps!

EDIT: Obviously the last 15 years include 2020, but nothing from this year has made the list yet.

Instead of arguing or yelling in the comments, if there is a movie you think people should watch while stuck at home during quarantine, drop it in the comment section below.

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