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The Glitches In MLB The Show Are Getting Downright Preposterous

Every.  Single.  Day in our Barstool MLB The Show league some sort of glitchy tomfoolery occurs.  It never ends.  Whether it's the first baseman practicing social distancing like above.  Someone's face becoming full of...something: 

Or me, a person who has only been playing the game for maybe 6 hours, taking down first place/SoyBean/Self Proclaimed Lord Of The Show Frankie Borelli in a 1-0 extra inning hoochiefest of a classic: 

Willie Mays not being Willie Mays, and then being Willie Fucking Mays:

None of it shouldn't happen.  Even JT fucking Riddle of all people is batting over 1000:

Figure it out, The Show.  We've got a league that's most people's lives right now.  Even if Dallas Braden can't handle the heat.