Over/Under 1200 Laps For This British Fella Who Live-Streamed Running A Marathon In His Back Yard

This was a pretty incredible thing to cruise through and watch someone struggle for that long. Running for distance on a normal track fucking sucks. It’s so boring. When I used to run fitness tests on a track, my time always suffered. I would spend more energy thinking about if I could cheat one lap off my run and there’s no doubt in my mind this fella did the same thing.

He wanted to quit so badly but 6k people were watching him so he couldn’t. He was praying to whatever god is in charge in England that the internet would go out, there’d be a power outage, the mail man would have a stroke. Anything. But, nothing happened. He ran for 6 hours and then went back inside for a shower, a shit, and a quarantine. Just a casual coronavirus Saturday across the pond. It’s not exactly hitting a ping bong ball into a gumball machine but what is? Anyway, here’s wonderwall.

Oh. It was 1254 laps. The overs win.