David Pastrnak Misses Doing The Thing So Let's Remember Him Doing The Thing

For those who don't know, David Pastrnak does the thing and the thing is score goals. 

"But John, don't a lot of people score goals?" 

Great observation, they sure do. Every NHL game goals are scored. But no one else does "the thing." It's Pasta's thing because it's what he was born to do. Power play goals, breakaway goals, slap shot goals, snap shot goals, it's just what he does. It's in his blood and he can't help himself from doing it. Other franchises have tried to steal doing the thing, but they just don't understand.

None of those are the thing because Pasta didn't do it. I know it's confusing but it makes perfect sense. Goals and the thing are like squares and rectangles, all things are a goal but not all goals are a thing. 

That's why that tweet from Pasta makes me sad. He misses doing the thing. He misses doing his reason for existing.  There's nothing sadder in life than wasted talent and right now Pasta's number one skill isn't being utilized. So let's all watch David do the thing and have a quick smile.

PS - On Thursday's KFC Radio I said I was thriving in quarantine. Since then Taylor Swift favorited my tweet and Pasta made it clear he misses the thing. So I was right.