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Pete's Plunge Is 1 Week From Saturday: Buy A Frate Train Shirt....Support The Cause












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By now everybody knows the Pete Frates story.   Kind of crazy how famous he’s become since we did Pete’s Plunge last year.   He’s up for Time Man of the Year with the whole Ice Bucket Challenge thing.  Nuts.  Anyway in case you are living in cave and haven’t heard Pete’s story he is a former BC Baseball captain, like an 8 sport athlete at the Prep who was diagnosed with Lou Gehrigs disease. He is also a big time Stoolie and they do a polar plunge every year in Gloucester to raise some money and awareness for ALS. We plunged last year and pledged to plunge every year from then on. I think last year we raised about 5K. We need to at least double it this year.  Right now we’re sitting under 3K despite selling these shirts which is crazy to me.   100% of the proceeds going to the cause. So please buy a shirt and help support Team Barstool.  Or even better yet sign up a team to plunge and we’ll see you in Gloucester.


If you want to donate but don’t want to buy a shirt here is a link to do that.