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Guy Who Robbed a Woman Was Arrested the Next Day After Friending Her On Facebook

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KOMO – Authorities say that a 28-year-old man suspected of robbing a woman at the Bremerton ferry terminal friended her on Facebook the next day. The Kitsap Sun reports Saturday that Riley Allen Mullins was charged Friday in Kitsap County District Court with second-degree robbery. Authorities say a woman was sitting at the Bremerton ferry terminal on Tuesday using her headphones when she was struck on the head from behind. After she was struck, a man grabbed her iPod and purse and ran. She didn’t recognize the man but noticed a tattoo of a triangle on his neck. The next day, the woman received a Facebook friend notification and recognized the sender as the man who robbed her. Investigators confirmed the Facebook account belonged to Mullins, and they noted a profile picture of Mullins showing the triangle neck tattoo.

What an idiot! It’s a complete crouton move to friend someone the day after meeting them. Be more desperate bro, you surely cannot. And even more important, who friends people they want to stalk on Facebook anymore?? Is this 2006? Was he going to poke her next? Couldn’t find her Myspace? People are so bad at the Internet it hurts. We have one psycho reader who has made like 50 fake twitter accounts to stalk us, maybe that guy is onto something? Yea he sucks at it, but still, the hustle is there. Just like him, this bro in Seattle could use a quick lesson in not being obvious. You can’t just rob someone and then write on their wall the next day. Grace period man. Let them settle, then you send them the message and see if you hit it off. And plus you already robbed the chick, so you have a good talking point. “Remember that time I robbed you lol” is for sure to soak the panties.