Impressive Monday Morning Video: 22,000 Dominoes in 100 Seconds


Exhausting weekend for all of us. And now we are in June. June! Where the fuck did the year go? It’s nuts. So we need something light to start the day off with. Can’t very well jump right into if the Redskins are racist or some meth head truck driver in Florida who kicked a kitten because his crack head neighbor drank the last Natty Light. So we have dominoes. There’s something about videos of impressive and elaborate dominoes set ups that always mesmerize me. These people spend forever setting up the dominoes perfectly, then push them over and then it’s done in like a minute. Kinda like your average night when you bring someone home from the bar. So I guess that’s why these dominoes videos alway go viral as herpes. They just reach out to us, saying hey, dominoes are a lot like people.

PS: I only watched the beginning of this one because it’s an America-themed set up, and it’s pretty impressive. Like a billion dominoes or some shit. Apparently dominoes is a spectator sport in weird foreign countries?