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Crocs Is Donating Shoes To Healthcare Workers

What a nice guy move by Crocs.

Some people may shit on it just because they think crocs are ugly, but in reality I think crocs are the perfect pair of shoes for a healthcare worker. Most of them are already in scrubs so why not toss on a pair of light blues and call it a day? I suppose maybe they can't do that because there are holes in them? Who knows. I've never owned a pair of crocs, but I do know that they're pretty comfortable to wear around the house and if these healthcare workers are going to work everyday risking it all they should at least be comfortable doing it.

Also - as far as the "crocs are ugly" argument goes, how can someone look at me with a straight face and tell me thong sandals are a good look for a dude? I wear em because I don't give a fuck, but truth be told I do think they look kinda off. Sure, they're not as gaudy as a big plastic boat of a croc, but what I'm saying is they're really not that much worse and they're used for the same type of activities. To wear around the house, the the store real quick, to the beach, etc.

Maybe it's actually time we stop croc shaming once and for all? I'm glad the comments are back because I know I can count on you all to point me in the right direction.