Let's Break Down The Latest In MLB and Coronavirus

So Jon Heyman had an MLB news dump this morning that broke down the latest on MLB, its out look and the Coronavirus, so lets break down his break down.  Are we gonna go through every single tweet?

You betta believe it!

MLB going from 10-14 teams? Yes please! That'd all but guarantee the Sox a REALLY good shot at making the playoffs, especially if they play a shortened schedule starting in July and Kopech/Rodon are back and ready to rock. That said... I'd 100% opt for the current format and more games if I had the choice

No idea how this could even be in play? I mean if the Sox are playing home games at the G Spot and the Yankees are playing at some 10,000 seat spring training facility in FL, not sure how that would work A.) logistically and B.) in terms in fairness. That, and how is a staggered start even doable since baseball plays every day? This one is really weird to me and I don't see it happening. Like, at all.

IDGAF if I can't go to the stadium in person. Just give me as many televised games as possible. "But WSD the White Sox don't have any fans at their home games anyways!"

Shut the fuck up. Attendance would have skyrocketed this year, and they were one of 3 teams to see an increase in attendance YoY in 2019. Fuck. You.

May ain't happening. Sad, but I think that's a given. Double headers, expanded rosters and few off days are also a given. This all checks out. 140 games is more than fine with me. 

Stay the fuck inside!

All of this checks out too. Play the game in the most centralized dome city aka Milwaukee off the top of my head. Done and done. Nice and easy commute for White Sox fans. Boom, did WSD do it again or did WSD do it again?

Amateur players about to get fuckkkkked, and like I said, JUCO coaches and programs are SALIVATING. If you don't know how MLB draft works, you can get drafted 5 separate ways:

1. After HS
2. After 1 year of JUCO
3. After a 2nd year of JUCO
4. After 3 years of NCAA accredited play
5. After 4 years of NCAA accredited play

a lot of players get drafted twice. It's their choice if they want to sign after HS or gamble on themselves, play college ball for a year or more and gun for the bigger signing bonus.  This new format is going to really fuck over a lot of kids. For instance, a HS kid could be a hard sign to say, the U and wants X bonus to sign with a pro club. He'll slide because of that, to say the 10th round to make it a round number. But if a team pays him like a 3rd rounder, it would entice him to sign. Now there's a $20,000 cap on all non-drafted players, some players that could/would be looking at 6 figure pay days.

Again, JUCO coaches are salivating because they can take a player and he'll be draft eligible again next spring. I see a LOT of kids doing that, or staying for their 4th years at 4 year programs. Same for HS kids. College baseball as a whole is going to be LOADED with talent next year.

Of course Scotty B is going to bitch about money for future MLBPA members. Of course the owners are going to bitch about lost revenue. As Nicky Santoro (Spilotro) says in Goodfellas, it's always about the dollars, always the fuckin' dollars… I get it but at the same time I hate it.  Billionaires arguing with millionaires with unemployment numbers skyrocketing right now just isn't a good look though

Blah blah blah. Again, billionaires arguing with millionaires. SHUT THE FUCK UP. Nobody wants to hear it. Just figure out a way to not fuck over as few people as possible, because a LOT of players are about to get fucked. 

Basically this was a long winded way of saying that baseball is taking measures to pivot in any direction this pandemic takes them, but at the same time nobody on earth knows what is in store in the coming weeks and months. I fear that there won't be a baseball season at all, but hope that we start as soon as possible. My mental health depends on it, but White Sox fans are fucking cursed and we can't have nice things.

Stay the fuck inside and please god find a vaccine or cure or pill or wake me up from this goddamn nightmare.  I am so fucking depressed about this