Now Playing: Trey Burke's Ridiculous Three Against Kansas In 2013 Sweet 16 (Full Game)

We're trying to get through it. Some may not want to watch hoops on a day like today, but I refuse to do that. Every day that we should have NCAA Tournament games, I'll find a full video of a game to put on. First round games will get past first round games, Sweet 16, etc. Hell, I might do more than one per day just to scratch the itch.

This might be the most overlooked great game of this last decade or so. You had a NPY in Trey Burke. You had a No. 1 seed in Kansas, a year after losing in the title game. You had John Beilein vs Bill Self. You had a bunch of NBA players - Burke, Hardaway Jr., Glenn Robinson III, Mitch McGary, Nik Stauskus, Caris LeVert and Ben McElmore all saw time in the NBA. Shit, the funny part is LeVert only played 3 minutes in this game and he's by far the best NBA player. 

McGary actually led the way with 25 and 14. But it's all about the Trey Burke shot. Shit, remember Michigan was down 14 with less than 7 to go and down 5 with 21 seconds left! Just an absolutely ridiculous shot. The fact of how fucking deep he is when he pulls it, the collision on the screen, the fact it's coming after a missed free throw. It's one of the great NCAA Tournament shots. The Sweet 16, man. It always seems to deliver.