I Said Anybody Who Didn’t Think Jon Lester Would Re-Sign With the Red Sox Was A Certified Moron…..I APOLOGIZE FOR NOTHING!



Listen sometimes MEN need to make MEN predictions. They need to use their brain and their intellect and their courage and say the things that normal men don’t have the balls to say. They need to make big, bold, shiny declarations. No half measures. No straddling the fence. They need to stand in front of the firing squad and say “If I’m wrong you can shoot me.” That’s what I did with that Jon Lester prediction. When everybody was running away from the fire I was running towards it. Now I’m here to admit that I was wrong. I made a mistake. Me. David Portnoy. Nobody else. I got it wrong. Frankly there isn’t enough of that in todays society. MEN stepping forward when they make a mistake and wearing it. That’s what I’m doing today. I’m being a MAN. It wasn’t Feitlebergs fault. It wasn’t Hank’s fault. This was on me. Nobody else. You want to point the finger you point it at me. That’s me being a MAN. Not running, not hiding, not pretending I didn’t say it. I said it. I’ll live with it. MAN doing MAN things.

So now the question is where did it all go wrong? Well the answer seems fairly simple if the reports of the Red Sox offer are true. We offered 6 years for 135 million. The Cubs signed him for 6 years 155 million. If we believe Jon Lester when he says he really wanted to stay here than the Red Sox brass should kill themselves. That means we lost out on Lester by a measly 20 million dollars over the course of a 6 year contract. That’s like 100 bucks a year in real person money. It almost makes me think this entire pursuit of Lester was for show. The Sox weren’t willing to pay him in the Spring and when they played poker and lost they still weren’t willing to pay the pot.

Bottomline is if I were Lester I would signed with the Cubs too. We had our chance to get the hometown discount and passed. It was time to pay up. We didn’t even need to match the highest bidder which was the Giants who he passed on. Just get close to the Cubs and if Lester was an honest man he’d be in Boston. I know some people will say what’s 20 million when you’re talking about hundreds of millions, but if I was in Lester’s shoes it’s not even strictly about the money. Offering 20 million less is just pissing in my eye. It’s the same feeling from the Spring. You don’t really want me or trust me. Again almost feels like a giant publicity stunt by the One Eyed Bandit to fake go after him so fans wouldn’t go ballistic. So they could say “they tried” but Lester really didn’t want to be here in the end.  I’m not buying it. Bottomline is the Red Sox ownership just put a shit ton of pressure on themselves by fucking this up. I’d take Lester over the combo of Panda and Hanley in a heartbeat. You win with pitching period. In case you haven’t noticed we don’t have any.