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Ken Rosenthal Reporting That Jon Lester Isssssss Not Coming Back To Boston






I was literally just about to go to bed but now I’m going to commit suicide instead. The eternal slumber, here I come.



PS – Thank God Pres died tonight or else he’d look like a real idiot with all those guarantees.



Update: Here are the final offers Lester received (via Yahoo)…


Prized free agent Jon Lester agreed to a six-year, $155 million contract with the Chicago Cubs. The Cubs emerged victorious in a ferocious bidding war that included the San Francisco Giants, who had agreed to offer Lester a seven-year deal for around $168 million, and Lester’s longtime team, the Boston Red Sox, who were runners-up after a final offer of six years and $135 million, according to sources. The Los Angeles Dodgers entered the foray late in the process, too, and presented an offer similar to the Cubs’, but Lester chose to reunite with Chicago president Theo Epstein and general manager Jed Hoyer, the executives who drafted him in Boston.



When you offer a guy 4/70 million off the bat, you can’t come up third in the final offers. Getting beat by the Giants by 33 million then by the Cubs by 20 million is outrageous. When you insult a guy then trade him away, if you really want him then you need to wow him. Can’t try and work a hometown discount after all that bullshit. Sox didn’t really want him back or they would’ve made a real offer, and that’s the end of that. Although I will say, paying more than 25 million per year for Lester is overpaying. Guess that’s what happens when the free agency pool has no pitching, but that’s a LOT of money for Lester. Oh well, don’t need pitching when you’re gonna score 100 runs a game.