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I Couldn't Be More Pro Torture If I Tried




Bostonherald - Senate investigators delivered a damning indictment of brutal CIA torture methods today, accusing the spy agency of inflicting suffering on captured prisoners that went well beyond its legal limits — a “deeply disturbing” report that has local pols and U.S. Sen. John McCain calling for change. “Our enemies act without conscience. We must not,” McCain said in a stirring speech on the floor of the Senate. “We need not risk our national honor to prevail in this or any war.” “It was right to end these practices for a simple but powerful reason: they were at odds with our values,” Kerry said. “They are not who we are, and they’re not who or what we had to become, because the most powerful country on earth doesn’t have to choose between protecting our security and promoting our values.” Tactics used included weeks of sleep deprivation, slapping and slamming of detainees against walls, confining them to small boxes, keeping them isolated for prolonged periods and threatening them with death. Three detainees faced the simulated drowning technique known as waterboarding. Many developed psychological problems, the report states.


We’re talking about torture again? Really? Let me say this loud and clear. Anybody who is against torture on moral grounds should be deported. I couldn’t give a fuck less if we torture terrorists. I mean have you noticed ISIS cutting people’s heads off on TV lately? Did you notice Terrorist #1 and Terrorist #2 blow up the Boston Marathon? Remember 9/11? So yeah I’m not gonna feel bad if we waterboard or slam detainees against walls or do fake executions. Don’t care. These people aren’t human. They aren’t even animals. So spare me how we need to show them compassion or human decency to gain the moral high ground. McCain is 1,000% right when he says these terrorists aren’t gonna hate us more or try to kill us harder because the CIA uses torture or not. They are gonna try and murder Americans regardless. So I’m not gonna lose 1 second of sleep because we torture the scum of the earth. I cann’t feel stronger about this. I don’t even care if we get information out of them. If that helps great. If it doesn’t help oh well, but you know how you don’t get yourself tortured? Don’t be a terrorist. Boom problem solved.


Hey Feitleberg welcome to the torture chamber brah…


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