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Does This Look Like The Face Of Someone Who's Taking Their Chances With Coronavirus?

Text translation (via Google): "this is not going well", "somebody say stop our boss"*

*very loose translation, I can imagine. Sorry, I don't speak Dutch.


An enterprising Netherlands haircutter has devised an unorthodox — if highly questionable — way to both practice social distancing and stay employed amid COVID-19 business closures: crafting a hazmat suit out of an umbrella. A video of her bizarre disease-fighting measure has racked up over 2.8 million views and 93,000 shares on Facebook.

The eight-second clip, uploaded last week, shows the unnamed Dutch stylist trimming a customer’s hair at the Bella Rossa salon in Oss, Holland, while wearing her anti-coronavirus couture.

Governments around the globe have forced nonessential businesses such as hair salons to shutter, costing countless hospitality workers their jobs. But to ensure she doesn’t miss an appointment, the inventive hairstylist snipped holes for her arms and eyes out of an umbrella in an attempt to make a shield.

I honestly don't get why any hairdresser in the world is still going to work. Nor do I understand why people are still going out and getting their hair done in times like these. All I know is that this woman is absolutely off her fucking rocker.

I understand that getting a quick cut is relaxing and relieving but are we sure it's so important it can't wait until the end of a global pandemic? Well apparently, if you just simply can't wait to get a fresh haircut to rock around your house all quarantine then you know what, be my guest. You'll just have to deal with crazy umbrella lady.

Her employees are literally taking videos and captioning it "somebody stop our boss", so I think it's safe to assume she's a little crazy. That and keeping her salon open during one of the biggest ordeals the modern world has ever seen, but I digress. Maybe that wasn't a call for help, maybe it was just a way of showing how quirky their boss was on the job. Who am I to come to conclusions? The only thing I'm wondering about is the umbrella. Was an umbrella really the best option here?

If - for some moronic reason - you still go out to get a hair cut, you walk into the salon/barbershop, and see this?!? I don't know about you guys but I, for one, would never let a fucking umbrella with arms near my head in any sort of capacity. It isn't even a decision for your hair at that point, it's a decision for your life. Had this lady gone for, say, a normal mask, customers would feel just as comfortable.

"but Ethan, those aren't available to everyone"

Ok. Then maybe take that as a sign. Maybe now isn't a great time to turn your salon into an arts and crafts center just to make a couple of bucks and cut a few heads. Just close up shop for a little while. It's probably what's best. You can only imagine the traffic is already gonna be slow due to the whole COVID-19 outbreak so it's not the worst idea of all time. I'm honestly shocked it hasn't been shut down already with all of the non-essential business closures going on around the world.

Maybe I'm just totally off base here, maybe I just don't know the hustle of owning a salon. But it seems to me that it's just not worth it at that point. No one is gonna benefit from an umbrella dishing out haircuts.