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TBT Video: The Indy500 Has Been Postponed So I'm Thinking Of Happier Days - My 1st Ever Barstool Trip To The Infamous 'Coke Lot'

::deep sigh:: I know we all probably assumed this would happen, and I appreciate that it's for the greater good but it's still a bummer. If there's any plus side to it, this news sent me down Memory Lane to the first video I ever made for Barstool. 

Warning: I had no idea you didn't have to scream into a microphone, or what I was doing at all for that matter so watch out for a few extremely cringeworthy moments where I'm awkwardly loud or just collar-pullingly weird:

At the time the Chaps & Kate show on Sirius was 10pm - 12am so I got off radio at midnight, hopped in my crappy little CR-V, maybe popped an addy or two and drove straight through to Indianapolis chewing huge wads of gum until my jaw froze up. 

I have family out there & had been to the 500 several times before so I wanted to share the insanity of the tailgates with the Stoolies, specifically a little plot of land known as 'The Coke Lot'. 

I was so new I didn't know I could have asked for a flight, or for a real camera, or a camera person for that matter so the entire thing is shot on my old cell phone with a mic plugged into it. In fact, I was so new no one knew who the hell I was & every few interviews someone would say, "How'd you steal that mic?!", likely thinking I'd snagged it from someone in McAfee's camp. (Honestly this would probably still happen to me.) 

It was also my first time ever piecing footage together to tell a story & I remember feeling so incredibly excited that this was part of my new job. To say I was feeling lucky is an understatement (that still rings true). 

Anyways, it's sad that the 500 has been pushed but I have no doubt that come August The Coke Lot, the Snake Pit & the race will be just as awesome, if not more-so. Sending love to all the workers this might affect & to everyone who's made this race a big part of their family or friend's tradition. 

In case you're bored, here's some other clips that didn't quite make it in. Also cringeworthy!