Watch Hubbs Get No-Hit In the Spikes Up MLB The Show League

At least we got some sort of baseball excitement on what was supposed to be Opening Day.

Hubbs and I played the second game of our three-game series in the Spikes Up League. He beat me in Yankee Stadium, but this time he had to come to The Bank —that's what I'm calling the artist formerly known as SunTrust Park because I refuse to say the new name — and it did not go well for him.

While we only play seven-inning games, I could not be more positive that another two would not have netted him a base hit, either. This was total domination from myself and the Canadian Hammer Mike Soroka.

And as if things couldn't get any worse for Hubbs, he insisted we finish the series immediately following his hitless performance and his internet conveniently went out right after I led off the game with a Ronald Acuña mammoth dinger and had another guy on base — I was credited with the win, so that's fine.

I honestly don't like the events of today for Hubbs. He's a good man and we're all sad about what today was supposed to be and this just made his day that much worse. I, however, am doing great.

Y'all be sure to tune in to the rest of the Spikes Up League. Here are the current standings: