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Indy 500 Postponed Until August And Now I Don't Know What Indy Will Do During May

Sad news to start a Thursday. 

The 104th Indy 500 has been pushed back until August 23. 

Here's what the new schedule will look like come August now. 


It was inevitable. They held off for as long as they possibly could it feels like, but still. 


This is Christmas in May for most Indiana folks and probably even bigger than that for a lot of them. Literally it consumes the entire month around central Indiana. You see more checkered flags and "welcome race fans" signs outside people's houses than putting up Christmas lights in December. 

Granted, it's a lot easier to hang a flag, but you get the picture. At least it wasn't straight up cancelled until next year. I don't know what we're going to do out here during May now. 

The last weekend of the May is going to feel incredibly…empty. It's like a right of passage each year for folks in Indiana to get as blasted and sunburnt as possible while being inside the Greatest Spectacle in Racing. It's like the Super Bowl is in your town every year but for an entire month rather than just a week. 

I guess there is some positive to it though. Like I said, at least it's completely cancelled. August is slow besides NFL preseason. This lines up to be the week before college football gets started so hell yeah I could deal with enjoying an August carb day thinking 'oh yeah, college gameday is back next week' because usually after the Indy 500 is over in May, there's a big hangover for a while. Now instead we'll probably (hopefully) be in the middle of the NBA Finals with college football and the NFL getting ready to get started after that.

I don't know. At this point I'm just doing anything to make myself feel better. This one really bummed me out. That's the world we live in now at this point. NBA Finals in August, Indy 500 in August, World Series in December.