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Hawaiian Father on Probation and Fined For Making His Son Walk ONE Mile Home From School

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DM A judge sentenced a Hawaii man to one year of probation and a $200 fine for making his son walk a mile home from school as a form of discipline. Judge Kathleen Watanabe called the punishment ‘old-school’ and no longer appropriate, the Garden Island newspaper reported Thursday. Robert Demond of Kilauea said he picked up his son from school and asked about a matter that had been brought to his attention. When the son didn’t respond, Demond made him walk home to think about his actions. The age of the boy is unclear. Demond’s attorney and a prosecutor didn’t immediately respond to a request seeking comment from The Associated Press. Demond was also ordered to attend a parenting class after being convicted of endangering the welfare of a minor, a misdemeanor. Demond pleaded no contest and said he would handle the situation differently now after the case went through two courts. Demond told Watanabe in court on Wednesday that he didn’t think the punishment was morally wrong or criminal.


Uhhhhhh what? What happened? I must have read that wrong. Because there’s no chance in god’s green hell that you can get a year probation and a fine for making your kid walk one fucking mile? Is that for real? How did the judge become a judge? Can I be a judge? Because clearly you don’t need common sense to be a judge. Unless this kid was in a wheelchair or had Forrest Gump legs (before they were straight as an arrow because momma fucked the doctor), then it just doesn’t make any sort of sense. “Old school” punishment would be taking a switch off a tree and beating him til his ass bled. That’s old school. Old school punishment would be making him scrub a bathroom. Making him walk home from school to think about what he did is seemingly the most harmless form of punishment imaginable. It’s like when your mom would send you to your room and you’d just play GameBoy for an hour. Oh no, an hour to play GameBoy, I’m so sad right now! Oh no, I have to walk home in fucking Hawaii, woah is me! If that is a punishment that you can be put on probation for, my parents would have been in jail for life. Everyone’s would. It’d be Lord of the Flies out there.