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MLB and MLBPA Close To An Agreement On Altered 2020 Draft Format And It STINKS As A Fan


JUCO coaches have to be licking their goddamn chops because of this. If anyone loves it, they do, because there is going to be a LOT of good talent that chooses the JUCO route if this new draft format comes to fruition.

Look, I love the MLB Draft. I fully realize I'm a weirdo in that realm, but to me it's cool that it's so diverse. On any given year, a HS kid, JUCO kid or 4 year college kid could go 1st overall. That's WAY different than any other sport. That, and they finally smartened up and built the draft around the College World Series (one of the most underrated events in sports) and planned on making it a spectacle of it. It was going to be a ton of fun to watch, but...

...THIS FUCKING VIRUS!!!!! Holy hell... Amateur players - players that are not protected by any union, mind you - are going to get bent over a fucking HAND RAIL this summer. Owners not wanting to fork up millions of dollars for drafted talent solely because they're not raking in revenue April through June or whenever baseball starts is lame as fuck considering they're all goddamn billionaires, but at the same time it's their money and they can do what they want with it.  Do I hate it as a fan? Hell yeah I do. I really feel for any amateur player that's bound to get fucked over financially because of this. But I also understand that business is business is business and this is what smart business people do. Sucks, but dems da breaks, so don't blame them, blame this god forsaken virus. 

And I do know this: bonuses are typically paid 50% within 60 days of signing, and 50% by the following April 1st.  Now these guys have to wait TWO YEARS for their full payday.... the very payday they worked their whole lives for.  Oh, and you just KNOW that MLB is going to use this pandemic as a way to tell the 42 MiLB teams they threatened to eliminate to get fucked too. The same minor league teams that employ 100s of people and drive economies of Anytown, USA in the summer months.

This is so goddamn annoying my head wants to explode.