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Devin Gardner Won't Stop Playing Footsie With Ohio State And It's Starting To Piss Me Off




Hey Devin Garner how about instead of making out with JT Barrett you try beating his ass for once? Ever think of that? The guy didn’t die. He broke his fucking ankle. Let his own teammates console his ass. Stop bragging about how cuddly Ohio State is. That letter isn’t even from them you dickshit. It’s from some no name Community Relations director at some satellite campus 50 miles away from Columbus. You really think Urban Meyer would be this dumb to send you a letter? Say whatever you want about Meyer but he understand what it takes to compete. He’s not trying to hold hands with us. He’s trying to pummel our asses and he’s doing it because of guys like you. It’s a fucking rivalry game. Maybe if you understood what that meant we’d win for once. We just got our asses raped and all you want to do is sit along the campfire and sing Kumbaya with the Buckeyes. That’s not what being a Michigan Man is about. You twist that ankle in the pile and ask questions later. Urban had 3,000 murderers on his team at Florida so he could beat Florida State. He ain’t crying for broken ankles. It’s called killer instinct. Read about it.