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Belichick Makes Pats Practice Without Numbers Today....Gronk Promptly Tapes The #69 On His Back. Thinks It's the Funniest Joke Ever







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I’m a grad student at the University of San Diego. Today the Patriots practiced at our university football field. Naturally I camped out and waited for all the players to come out onto the field. It’s a rare shitty, rainy day out here. Gronk comes out, huge smile like he’s trying to hide something. He comes over to the crowd that gathered and says “Hey, can you guys tell me what number I’m wearing?” Turns around and he has taped the numbers “69” onto his practice jersey. He then laughs as hard as he can and sprints out to the field. This is Gronk’s world. Ive attached a few pictures. Viva.

Vaya con Dios,



Fucking Gronk.  Never change bro.  Never change.  I mean how many times can 1 guy tell a 69 joke and have it murder everytime?  Seriously Gronk must tell 100 69 jokes a day.   Laugh out loud every single time.  Gold Jerry Gold.