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New York's Version Of Quarantined Italians Singing On Their Balconies Is Perfect

In Italy, the paisans lean out their windows and serenade their fellow countrymen in this time of loneliness and seclusion. Music is probably the oldest form of entertainment. Since the time the first cave man or woman hummed a tune, song has been a way to tell stories and convey emotion. A unique way to communicate and pass down traditions and customs from one generation to the next. At a time when the world needed to physically separate from one another, Italy found a way for people to emotionally come together. While everyone remained isolated and sick and dying, for brief fleeting moments Italy came together and as one proclaimed they will not go quietly into the night.

In New York? Well New York proclaimed "go fuck yaself." Apparently Bill Burr is quarantined in New York City telling this annoying asshole to shut the fuck up. Somehow, this gave me the more hope than any else. Celebrities singing Imagine, politicians giving speeches, inspirational memes...the list of material designed to be hopeful that has fallen flat is endless. But this? This right here? This is real. This is proof positive Corona Virus wont win. To quote the great Dr. Ian Malcolm said it best:

Life, uh, finds a way

And this video right here is life finding a way. Like a rose that grew from concrete. Like when Mike Piazza hit that home run in the first game since 9/11 and we as a city, and a nation, stood up and showed the terrorists that we would not change our way of life. Well this right here is New York City standing up to this virus. Letting our world's scariest opponent yet know that we will not be defeated. We may be pressing pause right now, but we will NOT stop motherfucking each other. We will NOT stop threatening each other. And anybody who thinks otherwise can shut the fuck up and go fuck themselves.