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Bridget Moynahan Posted a Photo of Brady's Patriots Jersey Because Why?

I thought my days of decoding cryptic, Tom Brady-adjacent social posts were over. I wanted more out of my life than to spend day after day trying to decipher the hieroglyphics of wordless symbols and captionless photos, depending on how you interpret them, could mean "I hate it here and plan on leaving" or "I have a Super Bowl ad coming up" or both. I deserve more out of my life. 

And yet, here I find myself. Again. Thanks to Brady's OG babymama.

So why would Brady's still extremely well preserved - at age 48 - ex, coming off a 10 year run on "Blue Bloods," with a recurring cameo in the "John Wick" franchise, just randomly post her son's dad's Color Rush jersey? 

I have to admit, if he'd done this like 10 days ago, I'd be overreacting to the point someone would have to violently shake my shoulders and slap me around (And then wash their hands carefully for the full 20 seconds because we're not monsters) to make me get a hold of myself. I'd have been convinced this meant Tom told her he's staying in New England and gotten no less than three blogs out of mocking anyone who said anything different. 

But now? I'm just sort of mildly curious. Does it mean Bridget misses Patriots Brady? Because I'm with you, sister. Is she saying he should've stayed? I've got your six, honey. Is this her way of saying he doesn't belong in Tampa and this is no way to end a legndary career and he might as well be Black Hawks Bobby Orr? Testify! That she resents that shrew Gisele for not only breaking up their relationship, but also the greatest Dynasty in all of sports? Um ... I'll stay out of that but you are entitled to you speak your truth.

Unfortunately, it means none of the above. The truth is a lot simpler. This was one code you don't need the Rosetta Stone to decipher becauuse a quick check of her accounts shows she's just been using images to count down the days left in Lent. 


Nothing to see here. Other than a good Catholic girl reminding us below average Catholics how many days we've got before we can start indulging ourselves again. It's also a nice reminder of how glad I am I didn't give up drinking. Because neither Bridget or I are over our relationships with the GOAT of all men.