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The Cheesecake Factory Has Informed It's Landlords That It Will NOT Be Paying Rent This Month

Welcome to the resistance, comrade Cheesecake Factory. One small gunshot in Concord started the entire Revolutionary War, and one small statement by Vince Young's favorite restaurant and Baker Mayfield's favorite parking lot began the Rent Strike of 2020. Who's with them?? Let's not pay shit here in 5 days!

Unfortunately, I don't think that is how this is going to end up. I hope there's enough ventilators still available in this country because The Cheesecake Factory is officially on life support! They don't even have enough cash on hand to pay for one month of rent during a time of bad business? Hey guys, read a financial planning book one time for me. You always have to have 3-6 months of an emergency fund on hand. Anyways, thoughts and prayers to anyone out there that is holding $CAKE stock right now.....

Oh no. A restaurant stock in the middle of a nationwide stay-at-home? That can't be doing good right now.

I have a feeling that's going to be a lot worse this morning. Rent is due in 5 days…..