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Darnell Dockett Is Hysterically Live Tweeting Jury Duty In An Attempt To Get Kicked Off

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Genius. So many ways to get off jury duty are played out now. No one believes you when you say you’re crazy, or know a lawyer. That’s old hat. Everyone knows that trick and they expect it. Plus, you’re probably too much of a pussy to outright say “I hate black people” in a room with black people in it. I’ll do weeks of jury duty before I say “I’m a racist” to a black person’s face, that’s so fucked up. But I’ll go around live tweeting the shit out of jury duty. I’ll clown on a dude’s bald spot. I’ll order a pizza. I’ll tell you I double parked my 450k dollar car in a handicap spot with a loaded pistol inside. Big deal, what are you going to do, arrest me?


(The answer is yes, they probably will arrest me)



PS – Imagine being the guy on trial, walking in and seeing Darnell Dockett on the jury? Gotta fire your lawyer on the spot. Any dude who can’t weed out the guy running around live tweeting the jury selection can’t be trusted to give you a proper defense.