Love The Move By Obi Toppin To Declare For The NBA Draft IMMEDIATELY After Winning National Player Of The Year

First things first, neither move is surprising here. Obi Toppin should sweep every NPOY award and he's a potential top-10 pick. That said, I love the move that he pulled of winning NPOY and then just immediately declaring for the NBA Draft. Yep my work here is done folks. Lead Dayton to a historic season, win NPOY, increase my draft stock more than anyone could imagine, time to get on up out of here. 


The story of Obi Toppin is pretty ridiculous too. He wasn't recruited as a senior in high school. Why? Well, mostly because he was 6'4" as a senior in high school. Hint: he's not 6'4" now. So because of that he decided to go to prep school in Baltimore, grew to 6'9" and immediately drew interest from Dayton. He also adapted his game from being 'just a dunker' to being the main reason Dayton had arguably the best offense in the country this year. He was able to be more consistent with his jumper, he handled the ball, he was the main reason Dayton could run that 5-out offense. 

Now, any Iowa fan that's been screaming about Luka Garza, he was good. He's a consensus first team All-American, that's great! He's not NPOY. Why? There are two sides of the ball and Garza's inability to guard anyone forced Iowa to run a zone and even in its man to hide its big guy. That just doesn't happen. You see that with guards typically. Spare me the 'WELL HE DID IT IN THE BIG 10.' Guess what? Dayton would have likely won the Big 10 too. Obi Toppin would have been just fine in the Big 10. That argument doesn't hold any weight. 

As for the NBA a lot of people are comparing him to Amar'e Stoudemire. He has the same sort of build and the ability to step away and handle the ball like STAT did back in the day. Like I said he's projected to go top-10, somewhere around 9. I'm just picturing the Warriors taking him and running him with Draymond, Wiggins, Klay and Steph. That's almost unfair with their ability to play 5 out and stretch everything. 

I've said it before, but Dayton, man I feel for you. There might be no fanbase hurt more than the NCAA Tournament being cancelled more than Dayton. Who knows if they'll ever be a 1 seed again. Who knows if they'll ever have another Obi Toppin. That fan base is rabid as shit too. They deserved a year like this.