Today Not Being Major League Baseball's Opening Day Is Just Straight Up Bullshit

How did we get here? HOW DID WE GET HERE? A few weeks ago my biggest worry about the Yankees was if Aaron Judge was going to need surgery or not. Flash forward to now and we flat out just don't have baseball. I scroll all of my score apps and just see the word 'postponed' next to every game. It's as depressing as it gets. New York City has transformed into a scene straight out of Vanilla Sky. The days don't even have meaning anymore. What's the real difference between a Wednesday and a Saturday? Nothing.

We all should have woke up to tweets about the upcoming Sweet 16 games later in the day along with a full slate of baseball that was going to finally count in the standings. Gerrit Cole should be taking the rubber in Baltimore in just a few hours as he makes his debut as a New York Yankee. Jacob deGrom should be facing off against Max Scherzer in Citi Field. Mookie Betts should be trotting out to the outfield at Dodgers Stadium making the entire city of Boston puke all at once. The Astros should be gearing up to face the consequences of their cheating scandal as they take on the Angels at home. Would we see Andrew Heaney throw at anyone? It would've been fun to see. Instead we have nothing.

Instead we have MLB airing a ton of old games on various platforms, which is supposed to help make us feel better. 

Sure it's nice that some kind of baseball is on, but it's just a kick in the dick that we don't get the real thing today. I'll go on MLB the Show later and play some of the guys from work in our league, but it's not the same. I should be at the office with everyone else taking in an unreal day of sports. Instead I won't leave my fucking apartment for the 9th day in a row. I don't even know what it feels like to be outside anymore. 

We've got Rob Manfred going on SportsCenter last night with SVP acting like he knows what he's talking about. No you don't Rob. You say May is the target date to start shit up again, but we all know that's not happening. From 10am to 6pm yesterday the NYC death toll rose from 199 to 280. Oh just a little more than 10 deaths an hour, but we're going to resume societal norms in two months? What are you talking about dude? Just say you have no idea what's going on and that you're monitoring it closely everyday with the rest of us hoping there's a change. Don't spew out this May bullshit just to give us false hope. 

Today sucks. Every day we're trapped in this quarantine sucks don't get me wrong, but today really sucks. This is straight up depression. I'm now going to have like 5 Entenmann's donuts for breakfast because I want to. Bring it on diabetes. Take your best shot.