Charles Barkley Gives His Thoughts On Ferguson



I know Smitty already posted this, but I wanted to chime in real quick.    This is why I love Chuck and it has nothing to do with his thoughts on this particular subject.   Instead he’s one of the few guys whose opinions I actually care about on important issues.  Guys who regardless of race, color, political affiliation just look at every incident on a case by case basis and give an honest assessment.   It doesn’t matter whether you agree or disagree with him you have to listen to what he says.  Why?  Because he has no agenda.   Not going to side with the same people 1,000% of the time.  Not everything is seen in black and white terms (no pun intended, but intended)   That’s the major problem with America.   Everybody sees everything through their own tinted glasses.   Liberals all see shit one way.  Conservatives all see it another.  You know what everybody on Fox News, MSNBC and our comment section is gonna say before they say it.   You can’t put an ounce of credibility in anything any of those people say because they already formed their opinion of everything before it even happened.  They all spin everything to fit their narrative. So love Charles or hate Charles at least he makes up his own mind about everything.   That’s why what he says matters.


PS – Add this guy to the list of people whose opinions matters.  I’m sure he gives hot takes  on world events.  Love to hear his take on Ferguson.