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Wake Up With Albert Belle Getting Hit By A Pitch And REFUSING To Go To First

First things first, the Orioles and Angels were wearing these WILD Turn Ahead The Clock uniforms back in 1999, I need these back in my life. 

But the real story was Albert Belle having 3 bombs in this game. Steps up to the plate attempting to sock dinger #4. Naturally the pitcher comes high and tight, probably too tight. The ump rules that it hits Belle and motions him to first. Albert doesn't leave the box, but man does he glare back at that pitcher. I promise you the pitcher had the fear of god put into him right in that moment. Ump tells him to go to first and Albert doesn't want to. Says he wasn't hit, which it looks like he wasn't. But holy shit is it perfect Albert Belle to allegedly get hit by a pitch and then refusing to go to first. I mean Belle steps back in the box and is ready for the next pitch, he want that 4th dong bad. Belle had actually done that before too, get hit and then refuse to go. Here he wanted to stand his ground so bad. Eventually after his yelling match with the catcher and umpire dies down, he ends up going down to first. But man, you will never see another guy argue that he should be able to stay at the plate. Albert Belle was a GD psycho in the box.