Hubbs Wants Movie Dream Girls - So Wake Up With Tara Reid In Van Wilder

Gotta start here by saying the lack of Tara Reid gifs from Van Wilder is criminal. Second, Hubbs posted yesterday a blog asking who is the perfect movie dream girl. 

His answer of Blake Lively in Accepted is fine. It's great even! She's unbelievable. My personal answer is Alice Eve in She's Out Of My League. Not only is she hot, successful, can get sick seats for sporting events, etc but the movie is just damn good. One of my favorites. But I wanted to bring up Tara Reid in Van Wilder. Her not even being honorable mention is crazy talk. It's easy to forget her at her peak because of where we are now and how long ago that was. But her going American Pie, Van Wilder, American Pie 2 is an unbelievable peak. I mean this is as iconic of a scene for anyone in their 30s as any: 

PS: If that last line of her saying she's not wearing any panties doesn't get you going, you're just a liar. 

PPS: One of the best all-time ending scenes with perfect music to go with it. Although no movie will have a better ending for me than Girl Next Door.