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Recapping Week 8 of The Masked Singer (HINT: I'M ON A ROLL)

Hello everyone. Special shout out to the newly opened comment section. I'm sure you guys will love this blog. It's the Group C Championships! This is the last chance contestants have to make the Super 9. If you're keeping track, I have successfully guessed the unmasked singers 4 weeks in a row now. Can I go for a fifth? This is my life's greatest accomplishment.

The Night Angel

Panelist Picks: Taraji P. Henson, Janet Jackson (lol idiots), and Little Kim. 

My Pick: To be honest each week I hav a guy in my DMs claiming he has a source who says this is Monica. And as much as I want to go with this ~hot~ tip my gut is still telling me this is Kandi Burruss. 

The Astronaut

Panelist Picks: Eddie Vedder, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, JC Chasez. 

My Pick: For 3 weeks I have been saying this is Hunter Hayes. Nothing is changing this time. 

The T-Rex

Panelist Picks: Ellie Kemper, Gabby Douglas, Jojo Siwa, Honey Boo Boo.


The Rhino

Panelist Picks: David Hasselhof, Tim Tebow. 

My Pick: Sam Hunt? Tim Tebow? The guy from Florida Georgia Line? Barry Zito? I need more time. Someone help me. 


T-Rex (Jojo Siwa) has received the lowest votes tonight. Time to take off the mask. 

To the surprise of absolutely NO ONE it's Jojo Siwa. I am officially on a 5 week run. Let's see how long I can keep this going. Tune in next week to watch me take my victory lap.