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Pilot Pete And Kelley Were Spotted In Chicago Very Much Not Practicing Social Distancing


Did we all call it or did we all call it? Where there's smoke there's fire. As soon as we saw Kelley in the crowd at the Final Rose we knew something had to be up between Pilot Pete and Kelley. It made no sense otherwise. She was just sitting up there for no apparent reason despite Chris Harrison pointing to her in the crowd at one point and saying, "It's very important that you're here" AND THEN NEVER MENTIONING HER AGAIN. Harrison didn't utter another word about Kelley or why her presence might be important. Turns out it was important that she was there and that reason was to support her man Pilot Pete. Nothing confirmed obviously but they seem to be getting prettay prettay cozy with one another in the Windy City despite the entire world being ordered to stay away from each other.

So how do I feel about Pete and Kelley potentially being an item? I guess I'm happy or whatever. Hopefully Barb approves for Kelley's sake. We've seen what type of hell she'll rain down on a woman who she doesn't think is perfect for her son. But you know what made me the most excited about seeing Pete and Kelley together? The very fact that it's news. I'll sign up for any news about anything at this point. I've been doing nothing but sitting in my fucking apartment for two weeks straight. Literally. No day is any different than the next or the one that came before it. Bottom line is I just needed something new to happen in my life and these two provided it. So I will forever be grateful for that.