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Cal From Timeflies Is Making A New Song EVERY DAY In Quarantine

Quarantine Queen

Stay At Home (Coming Home)

Bathrobe (Shallow)

My House


5 days, 5 new songs. I dunno how the dude does it. He took Timeflies Tuesday, mixed it with Cal's Corner, and instead of being weekly made it daily, and it worked to perfection. He just flips the beat, reworks the lyrics, writes a rap, plays some live instruments, and bam. Entirely new song. All extremely topical and relevant. 24 hours later, do it again. Its crazy. You're not allowed to be as good looking as he is and as talented as he is. You gotta give one of them back. Either head back to the Talent Store and return some or box up some of the talent and send it back because you're not allowed to have it all. 

The perfect example of taking Quarantine as an opportunity to create content right here. Its not exploitive. Its not insensitive. Theres a huge need right now for entertainment and anyone who can come up with a new way to do that is going to thrive. Music, comedy, writing, podcasting, whatever. If you can entertain right now you can excel.


Also, dont forget about one of the longest and most impressive freestyles I've ever seen: