Spanish Man Dresses Up As Dog In Order To Avoid A Quarantine Fine

Translation (via Twitter): "Toledo, Polígono neighborhood. There is a strange dog walking ..."


While in Spain in the last 24 hours there were 6,500 new infected and 514 deaths from coronavirus , a man went viral by disguising himself as a dog to go outside without being arrested for violating the quarantine.

In the framework of the pandemic, the countries affected by the spread of Covid-19 have had to take extreme measures such as mandatory, preventive and social isolation in order to control and flatten the contagion curve. However, there are people who do not understand the importance of this measure and use their creativity looking for excuses or alternatives for not complying with it .

If you had told me a couple of weeks ago - before all of the coronavirus mayhem - that'd I'd somehow end up knee-deep in Spanish twitter, trying to find out why a man is crawling the streets in a dog costume, I'd probably sigh and say "sounds about right".

Well, here we are, discussing why a man is crawling around dressed up like a dog. It seems like most of the Spanish twitter does NOT like this guy

Translation (via Twitter): "Asshole breed dog. Two batons on the back with the baton I gave him."

I get that this guy is breaking all sorts of COVID-19 protocol but I feel like beating him up over all of this is a little much, no? After all, the guy was just prancing around like a dog, not going around and coughing in elderly people's mouths.

Translation (via Twitter): "He's a thoroughbred asshole"

A clean, yet fair shot.

I don't know about you guys but personally, I'd rather just stay inside all day. Whilst I'd like to admit my fetish for dressing up like a dog, I'm just not sure I'd be ready for the backlash I'd receive for going out like that during these times. 

This guy probably didn't want to dress up like a dog, he only did it out of necessity. There's no way he's getting out his house looking like a human. So naturally, he did the only thing he could and dressed up like a fucking dog. I usually lean towards the side of "stay inside, flatten the curve" but something about this situation speaks to me, I close my eyes and this seems like something I'd do. 

Not by choice, but because I had to. You can't be catching fines in a time like this. Especially since half of the business are shutting down and are unable to pay employees due to the Coronavirus. So I get that aspect of it.

I don't even hate the overall effort from this guy. Now that isn't to say that everyone should be dressing up like dogs so they can go out and about. People should definitely NOT do that. This is a one-time thing that only this guy can do. It's honestly a little unfortunate for him. The entire time he was getting that disguise on, you know he was just thinking to himself "jeez, I hope no one I know sees me". Little would this guy know he'd be seen in droves. He never gets caught, I'm sitting here with nothing to blog about. 

I feel like all of the backlash was a little over the top. No need to physically threaten this guy. He wasn't out there trying to hurt anyone (intentionally, at least). He was just trying to get from point A to point B without being identified as a human and being arrested for being outside. I just hope that this whole Coronavirus thing passes as soon as possible so that people won't have to do foolish things like this in order to leave their own house.