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Wake Up With Bad Guy In The Style Of Blink 182 (It Sounds Really Good)

So this version of Bad Guy I DID NOT expect to be as good as it is when I clicked play on YouTube. Usually these random YouTube mash ups are kinda janky, but this right here, this is excellent. It sounds exactly like an old school blink 182 song. Even the lyrics work perfectly for blink, right down to "might seduce your dad type". Either Billie has to start performing the song like this or blink does, or both. 

Also, I love Billie Eilish, but Bad Guy isn't even one of her 20 best songs. Always kinda crazy to me when people get humongous songs that aren't even like the rest of their discography. We see it all the time. It goessss live though, crowds go nuts for it obviously. But this version, this blink 182 version, this takes the cake.

The playlist this song is on has 5 total songs, and they are all great.