Potential Top-10 Pick Cole Anthony Is Refraining To Announce Whether He's Declaring For The NBA Draft Due To Coronavirus

Alright, so I guess we gotta talk about this and the possibility of Cole Anthony returning to UNC. I'll say this. I know he and his dad Greg have said he loves UNC and nothing is 100% decided. But it simply doesn't make sense for him to return to UNC. They recruited Caleb Love, a 5-star point guard who has a little Coby White in his game. They don't really fit as the 2-point guard lineup we've seen some teams run (think Arch/Brunson). 

It also just doesn't make sense financially or anything like that for him to come back. I get that he comes from money thanks to his dad being an NBA player and analyst. But, he's not really going to improve his draft stock. He's slotted top-10 right now. That's in a weaker class too. Next year's class is supposed to be better than this one. I could understand a bit if he was outside of the lottery or a borderline lottery pick, but he's not. He's a borderline top-5 guy. Not to mention he's a bit injury-prone. Hell, he even yelled it himself when he got hurt earlier this year. 

Why risk that at UNC instead of going and getting paid? Sure, you could say UNC sucked ass this year - they did. But they aren't going to be a preseason top-10 team or anything like that next year either. They still have the same inconsistent wings playing there. They still have a bunch of questions. They still need a ton of help, despite a big time freshmen class coming in. We've seen Roy struggle at times with these big time recruits. 

I get that there's no rush to declare. Shit, we don't even know when the NBA Draft is taking place right now or anything. It could get pushed back. But, let's be honest. It makes ZERO sense for him to return to UNC. Just go get paid. Maybe wear No. 50 for the Knicks if they get fucked in the lottery again. ]