A Bright Light In A Sea Of Darkness: The NCAA Bravely Takes Charge, SHUTS DOWN Rogue GoFundMe Fundraiser Set Up By Trevor Lawrence and His Girlfriend, Who Were — This Part Is Hard To Even Type — Using Their IMAGE AND LIKENESS To RAISE MONEY For Coronavirus Victims

This was hard....no, this was damn near IMPOSSIBLE to write. I don't like praise, I hate compliments so much they make me sick (seriously, I wouldn't joke about sickness at a time like this, who do you think I am?) So I don't want any of that for having the courage and strength, both physical and mental, to get through it and share the story with the world. Because I had to. I had to open the world's eyes, to give them some hope: that as disgusting as the actions of these two college kids are, just fucking putrid and shameful, they are not what our focus should be on. Our focus should be on the hero of the story, the bright light in a sea of nothing but darkness stretching as far as the eye can see; an organization that came forward to show how just one action, no matter how big or small, but one courageous, heroic act can provide inspiration to an entire planet: the NCAA.

I don't want to inject myself into the story too much. I'm not gonna write 5,000 words and risk distracting people with the impressive strength of my writing and wildly keen observational comedy that shows such an incredible insight into the human condition, I will not. I refuse. The attention will stay right where it belongs: on the NCAA. So I will let the story speak for itself.

People around the world are searching for ways to help make a difference as the coronavirus outbreak continues to cause sickness and death, and change the way humans go about everyday life.

Clemson star quarterback Trevor Lawrence and his girlfriend Marissa Mowry, who plays soccer at Anderson University, tried to do what they could to help coronavirus victims, but NCAA rules prohibited them from going through with their plan.

Lawrence and Mowry started a GoFundMe fund-raising page for coronavirus victims Monday afternoon, but it was shut down the same day after raising $2,670. Mowry said through a video on her Instagram account that they were forced to deactivate the page. A Clemson official confirmed that Lawrence and Mowry were not allowed to have the GoFundMe account active due to NCAA rules that prohibit using name, image and likeness for crowd funding. The State

I know I promised not to focus on these disgusting kids, Trevor Lawrence and his fucking "caring" and "loving" and "kind-hearted" and "good human-being" girlfriend Marissa. But come on, you've gotta be as mad as me right?? I'm not exaggerating here?? I mean Trevor KNOWS that his name and image and likeness means something, the way he's balled out on the field and put up huge numbers and lead his team and become a top draft pick purely off of his talent, all while generating millions and millions of the billions and billions of revenue in exchange for $0.00. He knows that's the case. And he STILL tried to use that name, that image, that likeness....knowing full well people would know who he is, and rush to get their wallets and donate to people in need, people affected by a global pandemic....he fucking KNEW his name alone would get MORE MONEY for the DYING, and he still went through with this GoFundMe. It's unbelievable. And shame on Marissa for following along. For letting this happen. As angry as it makes me, it also just makes me sad, so so sad. How two promising kids could get so lost that they think it's ok to use their own faces and bodies to try to help others based off the talent those bodies possess.  

But again, one final time: thank the Lord for the NCAA. Personally I've gotten on my knees to thank Him 4 times since I read the story, and…..yup, there it is again, hold up gimme a sec……5 times I've thanked God for putting people in the world like the NCAA who can make the tough decisions that may not be popular, but necessary for the good of all mankind. Who can see the long term, who can recognize that if they let this one fundraiser led by college football's biggest star and his super cute and cool girlfriend raising money for people who are sick and dying go right now, who knows what kind of slippery slope we'd be on. What would happen the next pandemic?  Or the one after that?  We're just going to let EVERYONE raise money for dying humans?  

Grow up. 

And I'm not gonna push, I'll just enjoy the moment right now. But I promise you, as soon as things go back to normal pandemic stuff, I will be following up FREQUENTLY to make sure this money is confiscated as well. 

“Despite all of the craziness and drama with that we were able to raise a little over $2,500. So all of that’s going to go to Meals on Wheels and No Kid Hungry, which is super awesome,”

I'm inspired by the NCAA, I'm sick of cowering instead of stepping up to do what's right. I will literally rip the fucking cheese sandwich out of the starving 7 year old's mouth if I have to, risking a possible bite or some spittle to do the right thing. Thank you NCAA for inspiring me to take that starving child's cheese sandwich. 

As I clicked publish on this, the NCAA had already felt so much Twitter heat that they scrambled to make it right:

So we can chill on all that harsh talk. The NCAA WILL ALLOW (didn't I tell you how heroic they were?) they WILL ALLOW Clemson to consider letting this happen. Again. After the one they shut down. But just forget about that.