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College Football In Front Of No Fans? Texas A&M AD Says Economic Ramifications For All Sports Would Be Devastating

Am I concerned about college football at this moment? I'd be lying to you if I said no. Even if this entire situation fixes itself in 2 months, this will still have massive effects on the 2020 college football season. 

However, at least there would be a season, right? 

Today, I put my concern of Coronavirus effecting the CFB season from a cancellation/delayed perspective at 1%. I am optimistic that this will be figured out. That being said, there's a high chance I'm wrong because I'm an idiot. So, what would happen, if say, CFB is played in front of no crowds? 

“I can’t comprehend it, especially looking at our place where you have facilities built specifically for housing these large gatherings, 100,000-plus people,” Texas A&M athletic director Ross Bjork told the Dallas Morning News, “and you have financing related to that based on ticket sales and advertising and suite sales and donations.

“So the whole model rises and falls based on football. If there’s no spectators maybe we can play, but if there’s no spectators, the economics just don’t work. That’s what we have to focus on is that long-term picture.”

This goes on to show two things. 

1. Just like almost every other business, college football did not plan for coronavirus and are going to feel the effects of it. 

2. College football makes college athletics across this country happen. If there was no college football, sports like Field Hockey, Volleyball, etc. would be fucked. The entire system of college athletics would fall. Imagine college sports across the country (yes, even D3 sports) as a massive high rise in NYC. Football is the first 25 levels AND the entire structure of the building. The concrete. The steel beams. Everything. If you take that away, it's all gone. The trickle-down effect would be MASSIVE.