Oprah Has Sent Stedman To The Guest House

Oprah has sent her lover Stedman to the guest house. From the outside looking in, many will speculate that this is part of some elaborate sex game only known to the uber wealthy, but I'm not so sure that is correct. With the rest of the nation in quarantine, I think the more likely option is that Oprah and Stedman are practicing social distancing. However, one thing's for sure—Stedman is real bored.

 I don't care how rich you are, nobody puts their best entertainment equipment in the guest house. In fact, if I had to bet, I'd say that all that's going through that man's mind right now are the good old days when he could cuddle up with his woman at his own leisure. He is dreaming of his next opportunity to scrunch right behind Oprah and big spoon until his arm falls asleep. And those dreams aren't even realistic because of this damn coronavirus. There probably isn't even much to do in that little old guest house. I just hope he doesn't resort to searching his lovers name on social media websites .

You're right Sabrina. Literally just can't make something like that up. That has to be true.

Anyway, I'm feeling for my man Stedman today. This coronavirus knows no boundary.