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Does Dan Patrick Think American Grandparents Should Consider Dying for the Economy?

Dan Patrick is the current Lieutenant Governor of Texas, (not the former ESPN anchor, little page view trick) and he thinks that everyone, including the elderly, should be getting back to work as fast as possible. Here's the full clip:

First off, this guy seems to only talk in extremes. He says he he's willing to give it a few more days or weeks of prevention by practicing social distancing, but that the economy couldn't survive several months of lockdown... so what about the multiple months in between those two things, Dan? How can something only be 1 week or 9 months, and a success or failure with no middle ground? It makes absolutely no sense.

Also, very noble of this fiscal conservative politician who has declared personal bankruptcy in the past to want all the old people to get back to work as soon as possible... I'm sure the 70 year-old check out lady at the grocery store has as much skin in the game to keep the stock market humming as this guy.

Hopefully we're not locked down for "several months" and the world economy isn't absolutely obliterated while the majority of us try and comply with CDC guidelines until our infection rate subsides... but the Lt. Gov. Dans Patrick of the world who are just sitting at home with their shirts tucked into their jeans, agitating people who are trying to stay home and remain calm need to find a different hobby for at least the next 10 days - infection rates are still skyrocketing in the US.... dare I say that they are En Fuego?

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