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Here Lies The Top Three Brutally Embarrassing Moments Of White Sox Dave's Life

White Sox Dave.  A neanderthal-like specimen that humanity meant to spit back to into hell but ended up crawling back up out of a Cominskey Park urinal trough.  Look, I like WSD, which is why I led off with the greatest moment of his life from Cyber Monday where he someway, somehow bested my good Hardo friend, Jared Carribas.  But now, he's back to getting put in his place.  Here lies the Top 3 Most Brutally Shameful (Public) Moments Of All-Time: 

3. #MouseGate

2.  White Sox Dave Vs. The Invincible Stick Of Gum 

1.  WSD Getting Taken Behind The Woodshed In The Upcoming Barstool MLB The Show League - LIVE NOW 

PS -  Let's see if WSD handles his whoopin' in The Show better than Dallas Braden did during the inaugural Barstool Virtual Home Run Derby. Let's hope.