Should I Murder My Roommate For Buying This TV?

I have two roommates. One moved back to Boston and still pays for their room (it's great), the other lives ten feet away in his room. We have a good relationship. Both homosexuals so we have that in common, but we do our own thing. Which is how it should be when you're an adult with a roommate. And save me the "get your own place" talk. One bedrooms in Manhattan close to the office which is where I need to be because I work at 6AM are like four grand. I could move to Queens or deep Brooklyn but that would add an hour onto my commute which would make my life terrible. 

Anyway, after roommate A moved out and took their TV, roommate B volunteered to buy a new one. Great, I thought, he'll come back with another 60" or comparable sized TV to replace the one we just lost. He'll take it with him when we part ways and that'll be that. Well, it turns out roommate B had other plans. Enter the 20" SEKI from Facebook Market.

Is capital murder an appropriate punishment for such a preposterous purchase? It's tough to say, but yes. 

I realize I should be grateful that he bought one in the first place but holy shit is it tough. I mean that literally, it's tough to see the TV from the other side of the room. I'd be better off sticking my head out the window and trying to watch my neighbors'. I mean I would've chipped in? A few hundred dollars each would've went a long way. He spent $50 on FACEBOOK MARKET. On the bright side, I guess it can be a conversation starter. "Hey when did you lose your job?" "Actually I didn't, I'm gainfully employed!" *Collective laughter.* Oh well, things could be worse. Thank you for stepping up to the plate, roommate B. 

I hope everyone is staying safe out there. Now enjoy this clip of me showing my apartment the next time I have people over. 

The bloopers of that scene were better than the original.